5km NSW ACT Border Zone Planning Group

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5km ACT NSW Border Zone Planning Group Inc. ABN 51 983 199 249

5km ACT NSW Border Zone Planning Group Inc. ABN 51 983 199 249

5km ACT NSW Border Zone Planning Group Inc. ABN 51 983 199 2495km ACT NSW Border Zone Planning Group Inc. ABN 51 983 199 2495km ACT NSW Border Zone Planning Group Inc. ABN 51 983 199 249

A non-profit association working for a better environmental, social and economic outcome for South Yass Valley.

Landowner Survey

Please help us understand how you use your land and what you would like to happen to your land in the future.


And it's called Canberra

How will it affect you?

Long term, the area in NSW around the northern ACT NSW border will become either another ACT suburb or used for undesirable industrial purposes unless we do something to protect the qualities of the area that we all enjoy.

You can live with it or cash in and move.  

How will you feel about being surrounded by high density housing or industrial activities?

What's your chances of making a fortune out of selling your land?  That's right, very low as compensation paid for resumed land is rarely near market price.   In any case the market price is based on the permitted land use (rural), not the potential value for some other not permitted use according to Yass Valley Council.


  • Do nothing and see what happens

  • try and fight the changes on your own

  • join a group of similarly minded people and work together to manage the change that is coming.


Conflict of interest

How do we manage the pressures on the farm land?

The area to the immediate north of the ACT NSW border is going to change.  Traditional farming is no longer viable in the area.   New age farming is a possibility, but more likely the area will be used either for high density housing or undesirable industrial activities if we don't do something now to stop it.

The question is whether enough people care about what that change will be like and when it will occur.

Presumably you moved to the area because of the qualities of the area.  Qualities such as the rural character of the area, larger lot size and access to Canberra's services and employment.

Do you care if these qualities are lost?

A United Front

You will need to join forces with others who are in a similar position if you want to have some control over the changes that are coming.

Join the 5km NSW ACT Border Zone Planning Group Inc and be part of the decision making process for your area.

Roads that are within the 5km zone along the NSW ACT border

Do you own land on one of these roads?

Allen Road

Barton Highway

Bicentennial Trail

Brooklands Road

Captains Hill Road

Carrington Road

Casey Close

Duke Road

East Tallagandra Lane

Fairview Road

Federal Highway

Gooromon Ponds Road

Holmwood Road

Kiaora Lane

Nanima Road

Mulligans Flat Road

Nummericak Lane

Read Road

Southwell Road

Springrange Road

Tallagandra Lane

Wallaroo Road

Westmead Lane

Woodburn Lane

Woodgrove Close

Woodgrove Road

If so your land is likely to be affected by Council and NSW Government policy to freeze development for 20 years.

Please let us know if there are other roads that should be included or roads listed that are not within the 5km zone.


Your options


Put your head in the sand

"I don't want any change so I'm not going to do anything"

Good luck with that one.  

Join the 5km NSW ACT Border Zone Planning Group Inc.

This is a well organized democratically run organization working with all stakeholders to achieve an outcome that is acceptable to everyone.

Get involved

Talk to your neighbours.  See what they want and find your common interest.

Talk to your representatives

Talk to all levels of government, from Council to the Federal Government.  Council is the first level, but ultimately the Federal Government will be involved if and when land resumption takes place.

Share your ideas

We need to have a common vision for the area.   What's yours?  Lets combine our individual visions into one so that we have a clear target to achieve.

Unsure what to do?

This is a complex issue and it will take considerable resources to manage the development of our area.   Come to our meetings to learn what the 5km NSW ACT Border Zone Planning Group Inc. is doing and how you can be part of the decision making.

Our Partners



Secretary Bill


Local landowner, retired engineer

Economic Adviser Andrew


Local landowner, Professor of agricultural economics

President Ross


Local landowner, professional accountant

Communications Manager Lisa


Landowner, 2017 Telstra Women's Business Award Finalist/ Patron - National Association for Women in Construction - ACT Chapter

Pam Christian

Landowner, member of the management committee

Anthropologist adviser Averil


Landowner, anthropologist, writer

Mark O'Shea


Building Services

Our Members


 All are Yass Valley landowners, Some are retired, some working at home, some working in Canberra.   All passionate about creating a vibrant rural community that retains those irreplaceable qualities of the landscape on the northern border area of the ACT. 


Be part of the decision making team to protect our land and make a better environment for everyone.

The future of the area North Canberra

Save the Bettongs


A new approach to managing our wildlife and native pastures.

Wildlife Corridors


Africa learned the value of their wildlife was in its tourist potential and well-being of the land, it is time we learned it as well.

New age agriculture


The new age agriculture focuses on sustainable farming using modern land management techniques and environmentally friendly agriculture production.  Achieved through education on managing soils, flora and fauna.

Our Objectives

Affordable Small Acreage


Live your dream of your own acres of prime land close to where you work and play.

Local Produce



Small-scale farming boom putting more sustainable produce on tables in Canberra region.

Sense of Rural Community


The rural life generates its own flavour of community.

What we are trying to achieve

Contact us for more information

Our Mission

To help each other achieve the best outcome for the 5km zone along the ACT NSW border.

5km NSW ACT Border Zone Planning Group Inc.

Sutton, New South Wales, Australia

0431 136 747

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